Multimedia Project

We hope that the following page will provide enough information to spark your interest in sponsoring the production of this CD-ROM.

CD-ROM "An A-Z of Cosmonautics" is going to be the unique space multimedia encyclopedia for young people that would help them to know:

- all the steps of space exploration from the 1st Sputnik until the creation of space stations and flights to Mars and Venus
- the main international space projects including the construction of the new International Space Station
- video lessons given from space by famous Russian cosmonauts explaining how different phenomena behave in space
- space experiments and use of their results in everyday life
- what does the Galaxy and the Solar system consists of?
- how and why do rocket propulsion and spacecraft orbiting work?
- what are the lunar landing and planetary probe workings?
- what does cosmonauts training program involve?
- and a lot of other interesting things.

Now many schoolchildren know more about outer space than the first cosmonauts themselves knew when preparing for their flights. Young people need good and attractive CD-ROMs for their studies in cosmonautics. "An A-Z of Cosmonautics" will help to encourage bright, highly motivated young Scientists and Engineers to find out more about space and astronomy and get good explanations of many space notions from viewpoint of physics, mathematics, chemistry and engineering.

The prestige of this CD is reflected by its authors: Vladislav Gorkov, author of the popular book "An A-Z of Cosmonautics", Alexander Martynov, Doctor of Science, former Head of Ballistics at Russian Mission Control Centre, and a group of highly qualified programmers and 3D-designers ready to make any kind of CD-ROM using video and 3D-reality.

The CD-ROM "An A-Z of Cosmonautics" will have:

- over 200 high-quality videos of space objects, vehicles and launches taken from the files of Russian Mission Control Centre and Energia Rocket Space Corporation, which is the head designer and manufacturer of much of space hardware.

- dozens of 2D & 3D computer pictures and beautiful animations to deepen your understanding of space activity

- hundreds of photographs and illustrations from archives of Russian space enterprises

- attractive interface design with hundreds of scientific articles on various topics

- hypertext glossary words for "An A-Z of Cosmonautics"

- name of the sponsor(s) will appear on the outside CD-ROM box and in CD-ROM itself."

You are invited to become a part of this exciting project.
We extend our sincere thanks for your consideration

If your business would be interested in sponsoring the CD-ROM "An A-Z of Cosmonautics", please, contact Mr. Alexander Martynov