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The Monument
of Korolev
The Monument of Korolev
Korolev is a city with a population of 200,000 people. It is a cluster of aerospace industries, hosting a considerable number of high-tech companies. Korolev is the cradle of Russian cosmonautics, it is called by right one of the centres of advanced science and technology. Sergey P. Korolev, academician, had been working and living here during many years; he is the great son of Russia who had worked the way in space for the humanity.

The city was founded 26 December, 1938 in Moscow suburban area Podlipky. It is located to the north-west from Moscow, 6 km away from the official border of Moscow metropolitan area (Moscow ring road).

It is only within 35 minutes drive by car from Red Square or 35 minutes by bus from subway station "VDNH" in Moscow. International airport Sheremetievo is within 40 minutes drive by car. Local businesses employ many inventors, about 100 Doctors and over 1000 Masters of Science, professors, academicians. The bulk of the local workforce is highly skilled labour employed by aerospace companies.

These companies develop and implement manned space flights, space station "Mir", software, production of precision mechanisms, cryogenic and vacuum technologies, precision assembly. They are engaged in development of lasers, aerodynamic tests, rocket engines for spacecraft orientation on orbit, "know-how" in the field of chemistry, fuels, measurement equipment.

As for international cooperation, enterprises of Korolev closely cooperate with NASA (National Aerospace Agency, the USA) and ESA (European Space Agency) realising mutual space programs. During many years organisations of our city fruitfully cooperate with foreign partners in other spheres: education, culture, medicine, sport. The Administration of Korolev together with space enterprises organises Annual Space Olympics for schoolchildren which has already become traditional.