New Lectures of Russian Cosmonauts

1. From Mir to Mars.
    Why people pay so much attention to Mars? Main results of its exploration. Is there any life on Mars? Purposes of the first manned expedition to this planet. Basic criteria that should be taken into consideration while designing the first manned expedition to Mars. Stages of this expedition. Principle parts of interplanetary space complex. Problems of realisation of a manned flight to Mars. Stages of this expedition. Solving problems of interplanetary flight taking into account the experience of Mir station and the New International Space Station. 
2. From Mir to here.
   Briefly about Mir station and the results of its work. The New International Space Station. Main space vehicles. Space experiments onboard - why do we need them. 
3. Space technologies in our life.
Communication (telephone, TV, Internet). Meteorology, navigation, agriculture, medicine, industry, mining and exploration of minerals, ecology, cartography. 
Natural and technological catastrophes. 
4.Scientific laboratories in space. 
Station Mir. The New International Space Station today. Orbital stations - unique scientific laboratories. The main reasons for building labs in space. Scientific and technological experiments onboard the New International Space Station.
5.Orbital stations and space exploration.
The history of orbital stations development  (Skylab, Salyut, Mir, the New International Space Station). Future projects of space exploration and orbital stations. Exploration of Solar system planets. Study of other stellar systems, new galaxies. Looking for extraterrestrial civilization. Space exploration program for the XXI century. 
6.History of space exploration. 
Korolev city - the cradle of Russian cosmonautics. History of cosmonautics development in Russia. History of cosmonautics development in the USA and other countries. Milestones of space era. Technological competition in space between Russia and the USA at the very beginning of space era. International cooperation in space. 
7.Nowadays and future projects in space exploration. 
Modern state of orbital space automatic and manned vehicles. Prospects of their development (communication, navigation, meteorological vehicles). Flights of automatic vehicles to the planets of Solar system. Manned flights to the Moon, Mars and Pluto. 

Topics and manner of presentations can vary depending on wishes and age of audience.