From Mir to Here Mir
Entrance The Space Exploration Program is really a fascinating opportunity to stimulate young people to develop their thinking ability and to extend their knowledge of science and engineering. Foreign Relations Department and Education Department of Korolev city, which for many years has been the centre of the Russian Space Industry, has large experience of organising international education projects such as "Lectures of Russian Cosmonauts", "Space Olympics", "Communication Session with Space Station" and others. These projects are successfully realised with universities, colleges and schools in the UK, the USA, Netherlands, Denmark, Greece, Tunisia.
We should be pleased to organise them for you.
- to meet famous Russian cosmonauts?
- to hear their first hand accounts about life in space?
- to ask your questions directly to cosmonauts and see many of the space program objects as well as photos and videos?
Then touch down
If you want to know how our Space Projects were realised together with Mackworth College Derby (the UK), please, click here...