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The Monument
of Yury Gagarin
The Monument of Yury Gagarin

Welcome to Cosmonauts Training Center!

The history of Cosmonauts Training Center (CTC) named after Yury Gagarin is inseparably linked with the birth and development of Russian and world manned cosmonautics.
After the launch of the 1st Sputnik on the 04th October 1957 it has become clear that our country created all the necessary scientific prerequisites for manned flights into space. That is why on the 11th January 1960 it was decided to create Cosmonauts Training Center that has been named after the first world cosmonaut since 1968. It is situated 30 km from Moscow in a picturesque woodland.
The flight of the first man into space required to do big and hard work.
In future many remarkable and exciting space achievements were realised with the help of the Center. They are the flight of the first woman-cosmonaut, Valentina Tereshkova the first walk into space made by Alexey Leonov, creation of the first orbital space stations SALUT.
Gagarin Cosmonauts Training Center has big experience of preparing international crews for space flights of various duration and difficulty.
On the threshold of the new millennium integration process has led the humanity to the realisation of the impressive space project - international space station. The Center actively participates in this project.
Space is the future of the terrestrial civilisation. It is also the future history of the Center.

Visiting Cosmonauts Training Centre named after Gagarin you will be able to see unique simulators, the centrifuge, the hydro-lab with models of space vehicles and cosmonauts work in pseudo-weightlessness in hydrosphere where cosmonauts outer space activity is simulated in order to work through operations in real conditions.


Hydro Training   Medical Test
Hydro Training   Medical Test